About us

Our mission is to provide a smart system with quick link, unique design, economic, easy to install for comfortable living.

Our team is designing and developing smart equipment to provide a comfortable and secure life for our customers.
QUEECLINK will offer a convenient and efficient solution for a wireless modular automation system that is smart, user-friendly, secure and easy to setup.
We design and provide our products using experience, technology and art. While these products are simple and intelligent, they make your living ambience even more beautiful.
Our vision is that in near future there will be at least one of our products in any home all over the world.

QUEECLINK will change your life

QBOX is a powerful smart home central hub that given to its security features, can provide you complete capabilities of a smart home.


By this system, you can control all electrical equipment at home, office or any other locations by your smart phone.


QBOX has got unlimited support services and customers can benefit from our agents’ services worldwide.



By using this system, despite having the smart home, you have got all the security features at your home or office.


QBOX is designed to provides security services when the main power for any reason is discontinued.

Automation, intelligence, security, safety, real-time monitoring, user-friendliness, remote controlling by mobile applications or texts are some of the key features of QBOX. More features are now available as long as our team is constantly developing and implementing new features.


By QBOX you can control all electrical devices such as lighting, air conditioning systems, audio / video systems, curtains, various types of remote controls (IR and RF), video door phone, IP cameras, security and safety sensors automatically or manually through your mobile device locally or remotely.


QBOX is always present as a smart and unpaid assistant at your home, and in case of any incidents, the system can cleverly perform predefined actions without any interruption or mistake. This feature literally defines the difference between a smart home and typical home automation.


QBOX enables you to instantly check your home status at any time, as well as checking out unexpected home events using the notifications on mobile apps. By default, the Leave, Home, Night, and Disarm modes are defined in the application for the security system.


Due to easy hardware installation, quick setup, without the need for changes in traditional electrical wiring, you can have a smart home in a very short time. QBOX is a DIY (Do It Yourself) product. This system is easily expandable by using wireless technology


Real-time monitoring is a unique advantage in the key decision making. This feature allows you to easily monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world and ensure your home is safe. It apprises you of your home happenings instantly and online.


The free application is designed in a completely user-friendly manner. You can simulate all your rooms in this app, and if you control the equipment manually, the feedbacks can be seen in the app. Based on your needs you can change the different parts of the app such as the names of the rooms, icons, etc.


Scenarios allow you to perform multiple actions with a command at home simultaneously. Three types of scenarios can be defined in QBOX, which based on your needs you can use. Time scenario, independent scenario, and scenario which is dependent on other conditions.


We understand our customers’ need, and our products are designed with respect to their lifestyle and comfort. No need to say, intelligence is not just a name but rather an attitude that we follow. QueecLink's R & D team is developing its hardware and software for presenting new products and features.


QUEECLINK team now release new generation of smart home central hub which provide uninterrupted security service and more new features.

QUEECLINK smart home mobile application now is available in Apple App-Store and Google Play-Store.


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