We provide a smart system with quick link, unique design, economic and easy to install for your comfy life.



User Friendly



Talk with your smart home, anytime from everywhere through the QUEECLINK Smart Home Solutions.


In today's world, one of the most important strengths in technology is the development and implementation of software products, and in this regard, our team does their best to provide up-to-date software according to your needs, some important features explained as follow:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy setup
  • Edit visually
  • Maximum versatility

Teenager, young, middle-aged, grandparents, it doesn't matter what age you are, one of our most important goals is to design and provide suitable solutions for everyone. You can easily control your smart home. As easy as talking to the people around you, you can now also talk to your home.

Automation, intelligence, security, safety, real-time monitoring, user-friendliness and remote controlling are some of the key features of the QUEECLINK's smart homes. More features are now available as long as our team is constantly developing and implementing new features.



You can control all electrical devices such as lighting, air conditioning systems, audio / video systems, curtains, various types of remote controls (IR and RF), video door phone, IP cameras, security and safety sensors automatically or manually through the QUEECLINK smart home mobile application.


The QUEECLINK SMART HOME SOLUTION is always present as a smart and unpaid assistant at your home, and in case of any incidents, the system can cleverly perform predefined actions without any interruption or mistake. This feature literally defines the difference between a smart home and typical home automation.


The QUEECLINK SMART HOME enables you to instantly check your home status at any time, as well as checking out unexpected home events using the notifications on your cell phone. By default, the Leave, Home, Night, and Disarm modes are defined in the application for the security system.


Due to the easy installation of hardware and software, quick setup, with the best compatibility with the existing traditional electrical wiring in your home, so you can have a QUEECLINK smart home in a very short time. Our solutions are DIY (do it yourself) and do not require deep technical knowledge. This system is easily upgradeable with standard wireless technology.
Just say...

Just say Hello, Goodbye, Good Morning, Good Night or whatever you like to your smart home.
Easily talk to your smart home and tell it what to do through the QUEECLINK smart solutions.

It doesn't matter where you are, whether you've just woken up in your bed or you're on your way home, you can easily wake up your smart home or tell it to be ready for your arrival.


About us

Our mission is to provide a smart system with quick link, unique design, economic, easy to install for comfortable living.

Our team is designing and developing smart equipment to providing a comfortable and secure life for our customers.

Cost effective

QUEECLINK will offer a convenient and efficient solution for a wireless modular automation system that is smart, user-friendly, secure and easy to setup.

Art & Technology

We design and provide our products using experience, technology and art. While these products are simple and intelligent, they make your living ambience even more beautiful.

Unique Styles

Our vision is that in near future there will be at least one of our products in any home all over the world.

QUEECLINK will offer a convenient and efficient solution for a wireless modular automation system that is smart, user-friendly, secure and easy to setup.

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